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Our first crypto enabled purchase on the marketplace


Today marks the first crypto purchase for a physical product on our Green Energy focussed marketplace with the payment made in Stellar Lumens (XLM) the blockchain our token is built on.

Our customer was very pleased with the experience, quick and easy, exactly how crypto should be!

We think this is a significant achievement and a milestone for our project.

One of the biggest issues in the mass adoption of crypto is having a physical use other than trading, meaning when you can use your crypto to purchase a physical item.

For the majority, getting crypto out of the exchange and back into fiat is an obstacle course and so often the crypto funds tend to be traded on the next big thing in the hope it’s going to be worth the fiat challenge.

Now you can use your crypto to purchase real products that are green energy centred, delivered to your door, hassle free!

To make things even better for our customers and community, we also give $1 worth of FRED Energy Tokens for every $10 spent on the marketplace. And it gets even better, Token holders who have a balance over 250,000 FRED receive a bi-monthly reward of 4.5% per month (54% per annum). The HODL’s rewards is even greater when purchased from our platform at at 102% per annum.

Our marketplace is one of several Green Energy related projects that aim to promote and facilitate greater adoption and generation of alternative energy by consumers and Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED). To find out more, visit our website or visit our marketplace

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