SCF6 entry

FRED Energy enters the Stellar Community Fund (SCF) for seed funding


We are pleased to announce that we have entered into the SCF seed funding competition.
“The goal of the Seed Fund is to help viable, innovative, first-mover businesses and utilities get started on Stellar. These are projects that will still be around in a year”

Here is our current entry


FRED Energy aims to promote greater use and generation of alternative energy by consumers and Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED) via several green energy related projects.

Our projects include;

Marketplace – A green energy focussed marketplace that will provide a greater use of FRED Energy as a utility token and promote the use of cryptocurrencies in real product purchases

FRED – Development of new energy generation and storage methods by Funding Research into Energy Devices (FRED)

Acellerate – Partner with electric and solar Tuk-Tuk suppliers and purchase a number of vehicles to promote green energy transportation and increase brand exposure. Promote ride payments in crypto currency (Stellar based XLM, FRED, AKoin)

Energise – Enter the EV charge station market with initial focuss on the Car Park and Charge (CPaC) model (see whitepaper)

Our overall core ideology of “promoting and facilitating the generation and storage of alternative energy by consumers and to Fund Research into Energy Devices” can be achieved. We believe given the right circumstances and opportunities, it will also highlight the good that can be achieved with cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general. To make crypto mainstream it needs to do what fiat can do but more.

Some of the problems we aim to solve;

  • Provide a marketplace to purchase products accepting crypto (more use for Stellar Lumens) MVP which is live
  • Highlight greater use of cryptocurrencies (Namely Stellar Lumens and FRED) outside of speculative market trading
  • Fund hobbyist inventors developing new energy saving and generation related devices
  • Develop and affordable off-grid energy solution

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