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By Wisdom Nwabundo, Content Writer | Economist | Crypto Enthusiast

The world is rapidly evolving and driving towards a more digitalized era, all thanks to technological advancement. As the human population continues to increase over time, man is tasked with the problem of how to better his immediate environment and the world at large. This drive has led to the creation of powerful machines, automobiles, drones, and much more. Permit me to say that technology is indeed the 8th wonder of this world.

Unfortunately, man’s desire to create a better life for his society is lately becoming a threat to his immediate environment. How one may ask? The answer is not far-fetched from the fact that man’s continuous quest to create enhanced technology devices does not put the environment into consideration.

The results of this threat to the environment can be seen in the burning of fossil fuels by combustion engines, fumes from automobiles, and many others, which account for a great percentage for global warming. Environmental institutions and agencies have raised red flags against the continuous depletion of our world, advocating for cleaner energy generation; thus, leading to the discovering of green energy.

There’s no doubt that the future is electric, very correct indeed. That is the reason for burning fossil fuel in the first place because the use of processing plants powered by fuel is to generate electricity. However, while going at it (provision of electricity), we should consider its devastating effects on our environment.

Electricity is inarguably a vital tool for fostering growth and expansion in businesses, most importantly in production, and also a medium through which most devices from mobile phones to Electric Vehicles (EVs) are powered up.

The question then is that should the increasing population in a bid to generate electricity, put the environment at risk? This is where FRED Energy comes to save the day, more aptly put, the environment.

Introducing FRED Energy

FRED Energy is a team of passion-driven experts who believe that the environment is one to be preserved and therefore utilizing the disruptive potentials of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, seeks to facilitate greater adoption and generation of alternative (green) energy by consumers and also Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED).

As earlier stated, the future is electric, which means that as the human population continues to increase, the demand for electricity will also see a proportionate increase. According to research (, 2017), global energy usage is estimated to increase by 30% by 2040 in which industrial and population growth in emerging economies are significant contributors.

This projection means that demand for energy will increase, which will be responded to by the supply of energy, thereby contributing to trillions of dollars to energy providers. As a result of increased demand in electricity usage, prices for electricity generation will be increased and will be mostly borne by low-income earners.

Also, the increased demand for electricity will put pressure on energy corporates to provide more means of electricity generation which means more harm to the environment, because this increased demand will lead to increased industrial activity involving the use of counter environmental friendly machines, detrimental to the continued existence of the environment.

The above issues bring us to what FRED Energy seeks to achieve, which is, a world where humans will not only adopt greener energy but also generate greener and cheaper energy solutions for consumers. FRED Energy envisions a cleaner and greener environment for our children yet unborn.

How is this Possible?

FRED Energy is one that realizes the benefits of utilizing greener and cleaner energy solutions and also the potential in the 2040 trillion dollar energy industry, positioning itself as a key player in providing cleaner electricity solutions.

Like the name implies Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED), FRED Energy seeks to discover and bring new energy-saving and generation devices to the market through its research team.

FRED Energy also seeks to become a brand associated with greener and cheaper energy solutions that target consumers’ needs partnering with other green energy solutions to achieve its goal.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are tools that FRED Energy seeks to adopt in creating a global online market place where consumers can have access to cheaper energy saving and generation devices, allowing for transparency devoid of exploiting consumers.

Benefits of FRED Energy Solutions

FRED Energy possesses a passion-driven team who will work round the clock to ensure that they create an ecosystem that will provide consumers with:

Cheaper Energy Solutions: FRED Energy cares for the large percentage of low-income earners who will not be able to afford the energy solutions offered by energy corporate in the coming years which is why it seeks to Fund Research into Energy Devices that not only meet consumer needs but one that can be easily affordable.

Greener and Cleaner Energy Solutions: FRED Energy does not only seek to be a significant player in the energy industry from a business standpoint but also keeps in mind ethical values in ensuring that while better, cleaner and greener energy saving and generation devices are provided, the future of the environment is not in any way put in jeopardy.

Wider Access to Cleaner Energy Solutions: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are mediums that cut across boundaries and borders, creating an ecosystem where users, irrespective of location or distance, can gain access to products and services. FRED Energy adopts the disruptive potentials and blockchain and cryptocurrencies in becoming the main online market place for alternative products accepting cryptocurrencies.


FRED Energy believes that the future is green! That is why it is running with the vision to position itself as a key player in the provision of alternative energy-saving and generation devices that will in no manner stand between the continuity of our planet and environment and one that will be affordable by global consumers.

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