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Sol-bank – Sunshine power and rewards


Sol-Bank is aimed towards the African/Asian markets where access to energy is limited or non-existent and supplied as a bundle consisiting of a Sol-bank, LED lamps and a solar panel.

SOLS token

SOLS tokens power Sol-bank and the rewards ecosystem
Token sales are used to purchase Sol-banks, generate Social Good Funds and add liquidity to XLM/SOLS pairs on the SDEX
Sol-banks are purchased by us from the manufacturer and sent to distributors

Daily rewards for energy generation

Each Sol-bank owner receives a daily reward based on the average Wh output of the bundled solar panel
Each Sol-bank purchase/rental will be recorded on the blockchain via our FACT token which automatically updates the stat figures on the solsbank homepage

Bi-monthly HODL rewards

Holders of SOLS tokens will receive bi-monthly rewards based on their SOLS holdings. 32% of the total supply (2,585,600,000) have been allocated to hodl rewards over a 4 year period
Note: Rewards are paid to accounts with balances over 30,000 SOLS only

Social Good Fund

The social good fund aims to help those struggling with poverty closer to home and away
Each donation will be trackable on the blockchain and will be announced on our blog and social medias
In addition to the fund itself, we will foster the creation of artwork by the Sol-bank communities and turn this artwork into NFTs on the Stellar blockchain
The creator will receive 80% of the sale proceeds with 20% going into the Social Good Fund

Social Good Fund

FRED Community FUND

Holders of FRED tokens will benefit from the FRED Community Fund
This is an eighteen month liquidity fund consisting of SOLS tokens and XLM
After the vesting period expiry, all assets within the fund will be distributed to FRED token holders based on their FRED token holdings
E.g. If you hold 3% of the circulating supply of FRED, you will receive 3% of the fund

First batch arrive in Uganda video

All transactions are fully transparent with the blockchain providing proof

SOLS tokens are available on the SDEX, join us and give a little sunshine

Domain –

Ticker – SOLS


Rewards start 14/04/22

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