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FRED Energy launches ERC-20 token to increase liquidity

FRED Energy (FRED) has launched an ERC-20 token (FREDx) alongside its Stellar based token in an effort to increase awareness and liquidity of its green energy related projects. This will make FRED energy a dual blockchain project, a rising trend in projects struggling to gain investment, liquidity and exposure.


Approximately 70M FREDx tokens have been bridged onto the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) contract address 0x321614eb36245bf2e2f2e58badaaaad1475e1026

bFREDX are a bridged token from the ETH blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) via Burgerswap. They can be bridged back to FREDX ETH 1-1 via the bridge app at (btoken bridge). The reason for the bridged tokens is to enable DeFi and trading on the Binance chain at much lower costs than on the ETH blockchain. Trading can be done at and Pancakeswap, both leading DeFi exchanges on the binance Smart Chain.

Please note that there are network fees to bridge out to FREDX (ETH) from bFREDX (BSC) and vice versa. Tokens will be delivered within 48hrs to your wallet specified at checkout. Please use the extra note field to input your receiving address

Tokens issued by FRED Energy will eventually be swappable via our app due Q2-Q3 2021. Interoperability between blockchains is the way forward for our project and will enable us to progress quicker and reach our goals.

Maximum In Circulation Supply accross blockchains will still remain at 808M

About FRED Energy

FRED Energy was launched in 2018 on its own blockchain and switched to the more ECO friendly blockchain Stellar in 2019. In February 2020 it launched the marketplace where consumers can buy green energy related products using cryptocurrencies.

In Q4 2021 the company will begin selling its own developed products. The first product is an innovative powerbank aimed at the camping/off-grid markets that uses emerging battery technology enabling reuse and recycling of the battery pack. The project will track its battery packs by writing the state of the product to the blockchain (manufactured, retailed, returned, reused, recycled). It is estimated that just 5% of Lithium-ion batteries are recycled, the rest go to landfill, FRED Energy is looking to disrupt the powerbank market and influence the market leaders towards change.

Most powerbanks have a lifecycle of approximately 2 years, cheaper products just 1 year, the DSA-1 by FRED Energy is forecast to have a battery lifecycle of between 5 and 10 years. The trend towards electrification and the storage of energy will have wider economic repercussions with regards to a greater usage of low cost, low-cycle and poor efficiency Lithium-ion battery cells, leading to further environmental and economic issues.

FRED Energy wrote its prototype DSA-1 to the blockchain in December 2020, possibly a world first in product lifecycle management (PLM).

Further green energy focussed projects are scheduled for 2022 that will see FRED Energy become a market leader in green energy projects using cryptocurrency and blockchain.

PDF of the liquidity plan can be found here

The contract address for FREDx is 0xd8e2b153E94daeC5fE657A49FF59bb68fA67f126

Figures for FRED wallets will be adjusted after the XLM wallet snapshot
Minimum of 20,000 FRED is required to be eligible for the Airdrop


Current exchanges for all assets can be found on the FRED Token homepage

Finally, here is the PDF version of the above information in case you missed it here

PDF version of the above information is here

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