The FRED Project

promoting energy generation

at the consumer level

Energy usage

with electricity being the largest consumer growth area

is expected to grow by 30% by 2040


is a cryptocurrency that we created

to provide our project with an ideal opportunity to gain traction and credibility

within a short space of time

Future Energy Forecasts

0% Global energy usage to grow 30% by 2040
0M 280 million Electric Vehicles (EV’s) by 2040
0% Energy costs for consumers could rise by 50% by 2040
0% Emerging economies will increase air pollutant emissions

Energy generation at the consumer level will help the environment, reduce energy costs for consumers and protect them from falling into energy poverty

Our Mission

  • Funding Research into Energy Devices

    We will collaborate with engineers, scientists and hobbyist inventors to bring possible energy saving and generation devices to the public.

    We aim to create partnerships with energy device inventors which will create value for investors of our project.

  • Promote alternative energy generation

    We aim to raise awareness to the benefits of alternative energy generation at consumer level and explore the possibilities of new energy generation devices

  • Inform consumers

    Provide information and resources in the field of current alternative and new energy devices to the consumer through our website, blog, social media and alternate energy device directory.

  • Build a global database

    Create a global directory connecting suppliers, distributors and installers of consumer grade alternative energy devices to include solar, wind, thermal and new energy generation devices .

    This directory will eventually be revenue generating, creating further value to our project investors.

Advantages of Alternate Energy Devices

The advances in solar panel technology have made them more efficient and affordable which has improved Return On Investment (ROI) making them an attractive option for many consumers. A household using 900kWh per month can, depending on position and hours of sun per day, cover 100% of their electricity usage with a 7.5 kW solar array and reach payback within 8 years. This would also eliminate approx 139500 lbs of CO2 per year.

We believe in the possibilities of energy generation using magnets (hence our magnet logo). Several designs and prototypes exist, some utilise magnetic waveform energy and require no fuel to operate other than free-floating electrons which are abundant in nature, others are based on perpetual motion.

The benefits of developing such energy devices are that they are much smaller than a solar array or wind turbine and can theoretically produce electricity 24/7 365 days a year.

Wind turbines are also developing rapidly with smaller and more efficient designs coming to market, however for the average consumer solar is more often the better choice.

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