Blockchain, Crypto, Green Energy

Green Marketplace

Bringing real world use cases for crypto and utility tokens


Development and bringing to market of energy related products tracked on blockchain

Project Investment

Circular investment and funding system for green energy related projects

The Project

We are entering a new era of technological innovation within blockchain, cryptocurrencies and green energy

Our project combines these disruptive technologies with the aim of being a recognised player in the new blockchain enabled green economy



DSA-1 Power Bank

Development of a long-life blockchain tracked power bank


Our project uses the Stellar (FRED) and Ethereum (FREDx) blockchains


Crypto payment enabled marketplace with rewards

Future Projects

Projects Accelerate and Energise are two of our future goals

The Future of Energy

An increasing population and the industrialisation of emerging economies continues to have a huge impact on global energy demands and the environment. Over the next few decades the global population will rise, technology will evolve, and energy consumption will increase massively having a detrimental effect on our planet and society

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Energy demand increase by 2040

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Average annual energy price increase

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Estimated number of EV's by 2040

EV Charge Market

EV Charge Market

EV Charging System Market worth $144.97 Billion by 2028

Green Tech Market

Green Tech Market

Green Technology and Sustainability Markets forecast to reach $44.6 Billion by 2026

Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency market cap was forecast to hit $5.1 Billion by 2026, as of Feb 2021 the market cap stands at $1.71 Trillion

Why FRED Energy?

Through our innovative projects we aim to be part of the future green economy

Capitalising on future growth trends is the financial aspect of the project required to support progress. There is also a great deal of social good behind our project

One of our aims is to break the current energy cycle by encouraging consumers to reduce their energy costs, generate their own electricity and becoming more energy efficient, this in turn will help to stabilise costs, providing more affordable energy and energy security for all

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