Green energy


By Wisdom Nwabundo, Content Writer | Economist | Crypto Enthusiast The world is rapidly evolving and driving towards a more digitalized era, all thanks to technological advancement. As the human population continues to increase over time, man is tasked with the problem of how to better his immediate environment and the world at large. This…

Glasses of Beer

Mine’s a Stellar

Mine’s a Stellar Disclaimer: FRED Energy and Stellar do not promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages (just in case 🙂 Yes, it’s official FRED Energy (FRED) is a custom token on the Stellar network. It took us a while, three blockchains later and we can confidently say that Stellar will be our forever home (unless…

FRED Token Sale

FRED Energy Token Sale

Funding For Green Projects on the Blockchain We are excited to announce we are switching to a custom token on the Stellar Blockchain and holding an IEO and private sales to raise funding for several green energy projects.