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Notice to all airdrop entrants Please be reminded that we cannot pay airdrop rewards without a trustline to (FRED) issuer account GCA73U2PZFWAXJSNVMEVPNPPJCZGETWPWZC6E4DJAIWP3ZW3BAGYZLV6 which needs to be done from your Stellar wallet.   Instructions here to add the trustline   We are reserving the right to class non-responsive Airdrop campaign participants as void entrants…


Схема вознаграждения FRED Energy Token HODL's Club

Start Date January 1st 2020 – Proposed End Date January 1st 2021 Our token sales will be moving to a HODL’s rewards-based scheme until further notice. This is to encourage buying from our platform which provides our project with funding (for Marketing, Exchanges, Marketplace etc) and also aids in maintaining a more stable token value.…


12.12.19 Обновление кампании Airdrop and Bounty

12/12/19 Bounty & Airdrop campaign participants We are reserving the right to class non-responsive Airdrop and Bounty campaign participants as void entrants should they not comply with the following requirements detailed below. All unclaimed rewards will be redistributed in further giveaways. If you do NOT comply with the following requirements before the specified date, you…


Обновление кампании Airdrop и Bounty

!!06/12/19 Bounty & Airdrop campaign participants!! Airdrop campaign AIRDROP!!!!!!!!! We can only pay rewards to active Stellar addresses with a trustline to FRED ( An essential part of the Airdrop entry rules was to create a trustline to FRED ( Over 60% of payments have failed so far due to inactive wallets and no trustline.…

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Информация о кампаниях FRED Energy Bounty и Airdrop

For both campaigns it is a requirement to have a Stellar based address with a trustline to FRED ( No payments can be made without the above.   Bounty Campaign Distribution will begin once the stakes and rewards have been calculated and agreed between the participant and the campaign manager.   Requirements KYC completion and…

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By Wisdom Nwabundo, Content Writer | Economist | Crypto Enthusiast The world is rapidly evolving and driving towards a more digitalized era, all thanks to technological advancement. As the human population continues to increase over time, man is tasked with the problem of how to better his immediate environment and the world at large. This…

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Mine’s a Stellar Disclaimer: FRED Energy and Stellar do not promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages (just in case 🙂 Yes, it’s official FRED Energy (FRED) is a custom token on the Stellar network. It took us a while, three blockchains later and we can confidently say that Stellar will be our forever home (unless…

FRED Energy Stellarport

Купить жетоны FRED в Stellarport

Don’t trust exchanges with your crypto? Well, one of the wonders of Stellar is that tokens can be traded on decentralised exchanges, that is you hold your crypto in your own wallet and you can trade from there!   One of the easiest is Simply signup, get your wallet address and secret key which…