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A true story written by a FRED Energy community member (views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of FRED

As a young child, I was brought up in poverty. I grew up in Tasmania, Australia, but in a low-social industrial area at an average time to live. My family come from lower-class working life “Labourers”, and we lived in government housing in a city full of poverty, destitute and crime. Growing up, I’d often wondered why the world had to be this way? The world should and could be a better place for us all, right? We could all live in a relative utopia, and there’d be no poverty, famine and homelessness. But the powers that be do not want it this way  Now in my older years I often think of how we can make a difference to make the world a much better place for us all.

A lot of what’s going on in this world doesn’t seem to make sense, but at the same time, it does! It’s all about control and domination of the masses, and it’s a sad, sad thing. But to all this badness in the world, there is a positive side. We’ve all got the ability to at least somewhat change it, even if it’s by making small changes or making someone’s day, paying it forward or giving someone help in need. This is how we should all be, and especially if we can do so.

CORPORATIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CONTROL – Not for a better world

I find the western world, via politics is significantly controlled by large corporations and industry. The government often gets financial kickbacks for allowing them to do their deeds and also are allowed to have some if not quite a lot of control with the goings-on in policies etc. Take the US with its Cannabis prohibition era. This was all related to a bloke with political power that had vested financial interest in the petrochemical, forestry and paper industry. Because of that man alone “and maybe a few others”, things like bio-fuel, biodiesel, textiles, hemp plastics and composite materials as well as its medicinal properties were lost for some time.

Only now are we seeing some of this come to life after politicians have held it back around 100 years. Look at electricity, for instance. Where I live there is a complete monopoly on it, and people often are too afraid to switch on a light, let alone run a heater in a cold, cold environment. The link between power companies and the government is so tight here we even had our Prime Minister tell us that renewable energy is bad for us? Like how does that even make sense? The only reason is that this politician has some personal venture or dealings going on behind the scenes. So many examples I have personally seen in regards to all this kind of thing leads to big businesses having control and politicians having their own interests in the heart instead of what is right for the people. We need to have a pleasant clean environment, and we need to reduce and end poverty: it CAN be done!


Getting back to some things: Growing up, my dad was a bit of an inventor in his spare time. He came up with some great plans but were often stolen by other people who’d made some good money from them. That’s always a potential problem, being a bit of an entrepreneur or inventor is having the possibility that someone will profit from your work. My dad’s had a few examples of that which had happened to him. He was looking to address some problems in society and always strived to come up with ideas that would help people that were in worse situations than us even. I mean we had housing, sometimes food and often necessary clothing. We weren’t rich or wealthy by any means, and we couldn’t afford to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, Easter or Christmas. But things could always be worse.


Through my own life, I have just done what I can to become a better person, or literally the best I can be. I often brainstorm and come up with great ideas just as my father did and try and help people as often as I can. I donate whatever change I have to charity, help out my neighbours and people I don’t even know and am an active member of my community. One day, by pure chance, I actually come across Fredenergy. I looked at what they are proposing and found it to be a grand and noble project and a project of courage at that. I looked into it and checked out their youtube video. Something really came to mind here and got me quite interested indeed! Right about at that 2:00min mark on that video is an almost identical design my dad made about 18 years or so back!!! There was a change to it which I know of that doesn’t require someone to move a magnet to make that disc spin. I know free energy from magnets is totally possible and can very likely happen. The magnetic disc my dad had made actually spun itself to pieces due to harmonic imbalances. This could have been sorted. At the time my dad developed this prototype, he actually contacted an entrepreneur who owns factories in Timor/Indonesia.


The entrepreneur actually came all the way from Malaysia to Tasmania just to check it out and to get onboard. My dad wasn’t happy with what he wanted to do with the magnetic engine “Which he called an ElectroMagneticPulse Engine“, and decided to take the idea with him to his grave. The entrepreneur wanted a 51% stake in ownership in this and wanted to profiteer in the concept. He had no interest in my father’s goals to provide power to the poor “via airdrop” so they could have water, heating, electricity and stuff that would help allow them to live life a little easier. It was actually quite sad!  My father had other great ideas such as teaching locals in Africa and the alike about hydroponics so they could provide fresh food for themselves to help fight poverty. He was also looking into solar distillation, electrical bore spear pumps and irrigation designs and ideas. For me, I wish I took much more attentive notice of what he was doing. I may have had a more exceptional ability to fulfil his purpose!

I was telling a good friend about this who studies physics around 6 months ago, and he was literally sceptical until he decided to buy a 3d printer and have a play around with magnets. I’m so glad I’ve seen this video…

That’s how I became one of the most convinced FRED supporters. I wish FRED ENERGY the best future ever, as I know for one that it’s run by people who really believe in what they’re doing, and are genuinely willing to bring something positive and generous to this world.

What I also appreciate about this project is that they have clever plans to make it happen, with a progressive way of bringing useful products into the market, to help spread the word and build a “green brand”. As always, generosity is not enough! In this world we have to acknowledge the fact that money is needed to achieve big & good things, and the FRED Team certainly has the ability and ways to do it right.

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