not you its me

It’s not you, it’s me


That dreaded phrase you really don’t want to hear when you have worked so hard at a relationship, often used in breaking up or when someone is about to get dumped. Not that we want to break-up or dump anyone (including our tokens), we are in it for the long run, we just need to work it out together. I have used the dreaded phrase in reference to the fact that there seems to be something wrong or missing in our project.

After nearly three months of fundraising, we have raised a pitiful $2400 and although other projects we have spoken to are also struggling to raise funds, our figures are pretty bad. We could have raised more funds selling team calendars (should I be April or November?) So, what could be the problem?

There could be several possible reasons;

  • Lack of trust in our project (looks like a scam)
  • Shortage of investors
  • Issues relating to coin/token swap
  • Pricing strategy of our tokens
  • Lack of investor targeted marketing

It could be all of the above reasons and others not yet considered, therefore we need your help. We are inviting you to give feedback in our completely anonymous questionnaire which will aid us in future decision making and help pave the way forward.

Over the next few weeks the core team will be assessing all aspects of the project (including feedback from our questionnaire) and we will look to make positive changes towards the future of FRED Energy.

If you like what our project is about, please take 3 minutes to complete the questionnaire found at, it will be much appreciated and benefit all involved.

The FRED Energy Team

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