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Update 16/06/2022

After a recent redesign of the website we thought It would be a good idea to look back on one of our earliest project posts to see where things have changed and evolved. Most of our initial aims are still there and we have acheived many of our original goals.

This year has seen us move more towards creating social impact with Sol-bank, and we showed our innovation capabilities with FRED Swap, the first Stellar to multiple networks bridge. This has all been achieved with very little funds originating from our community and hard work from the team (hello SCF, SDF throw us a bone).

Quite good for a project that was personally funded with the idea of bringing green energy and blockchain technology together.

The reason the project is still here is due to the support of our community and the commitment of its founding team. This last year has seen a couple of additions to our team and a steady community growth (keep spreading the word! Do you know FRED?).

Things have certainly changed in the energy technology space with a strangely sudden awareness for the need of new energy sources, nuclear and fusion energy projects abound (is fusion overunity?), wen ITER?

Battery technology has also seen a massive shift towards higher density and longer lifecycle designs using graphite, titanate, silicon and others which is great. Now we need to look at the whole battery lifecycle (from mine to end of life) and make it more circular. This is similar to what we envisaged our FACT token would be used for on the Stellar network with SOL-bank information currently being written to the blockchain.

However, one of the greatest changes since this post was written are those now being realised and felt by consumers and business. Yes its those huge above inflation energy costs and threats to energy security, and again its the most vulnerable that will suffer the most.

Our message remains the same, try to become more energy efficient (switch it off, go LED lighting), generate and store your own energy if possible to reduce costs and provide energy security. Might also be a good idea to start growing your own veggies too.

Thanks for reading!

Here’s the original post;

The FRED Project was originally created with the idea of promoting and facilitating greater adoption and generation of alternative energy by consumers and to Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED).

We strongly believe that there are engineers, scientists and hobbyist inventors developing technologies that will one day release us from fossil fuel reliance. The main problem many inventors face is the lack of resources or funds to fully realise their inventions. One of our aims is to collaborate and create partnerships with these technology developers to provide funding for projects that could change the energy system we know today and make their products affordable and available to all.

Many of these theoretical and practical designs are classed as free energy generators, however they are not entirely free as many require some form of energy input to work. Academics and physicists claim free energy is impossible, but a device that outputs more energy that it consumes would be generating free energy in laymans terms, but then we have mass-energy conservation to consider. Science is evolving and new discoveries are made everyday that defy our current knowledge and understanding, an example of this is Quantum Theory Demonstrated: Observation Affects Reality and is a very interesting read.

Further considerations

There will be an estimated 500 million electric vehicles (EV) by 2040 and this will have a great impact on demand for electricity 24/7. Will there still be Off rates where electricity is cheaper during sleeping hours? probably not as most electric vehicle users will probably charge their EV overnight.

Reducing CO2 emmisions

Further cause for concern is the environmental impact this increased demand will have, and although the forecast is for greener and cleaner electricity generation at supplier level, the industrialisation of developing nations will negate much of the effort by advanced economies to reduce global CO2 emission levels.
Consumers having access to affordable alternative or free energy generation devices would massively reduce global CO2 emission levels and the associated climate risks. Additionally, the consumer generating their own electricity will be at an advantage when prices begin to rise due to demand and would lessen the risks of falling into fuel poverty (unable to afford household energy costs).

Helping those in energy poverty

There are an estimated 1.1 billion people today who do not have access to electricity and rely on the use of biomass, coal and kerosene for cooking which is linked to some 2.8 million premature deaths per year from household air pollution (, 2017).
The development of new alternative or free energy devices could provide those in remote locations with clean electricity and help reduce the risks associated with biomass, coal and kerosene usage.

How are we going to do it?

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are disruptive technologies and provide our project with an ideal opportunity to gain traction and credibility within a short space of time.

With this in mind we created our cryptocurrency Token FRED Energy with the aim of creating green energy projects on the blockchain.

This website and project blog form part of our project and will feature ideas from alternative energy inventors and provide the latest information on our progress. As the project progresses, our portfolio of websites and social media profiles will aim at increasing awareness of the project which in turn will generate interest and investor participation.

With a move into EV charging stations and electric Tuk Tuk’s now on the horizon, we will continue to grow and spread the word about the benefits of alternative energy use and generation.

Further plans include the development of a global directory of suppliers, distributors and installers of alternative energy products with the goal of making us the place to go for the latest alternative energy information and products.

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