FRED Welcomes GPU and CPU mining, CN-Lite V7



We announced a few days ago on our Discord channel that we were moving to CN-lite V7 earlier than our planned 80,000 block.

“After a lot of discussion, we have decided to hard fork earlier than our planned 80k block and fork at block 55,000 which will be in around 7 days time.
The reason for this is to grow our community by allowing GPU and CPU mining, creating a level playing field and distributing our coins more widely.
Thanks to all the ASIC miners that have supported us this far and I hope you will continue to support the project in other ways. Those of you who are able to mine with GPU/CPU we will need your help especially during the 55k block change to keep the network going.”

The hard fork should occur at block 55,000 on Friday 7th.

There are currently 3 mining pools which will be ready for the switch;

Our mining pool – – –

Miner settings can be found on the getting started page along with GPU and CPU mining software links, be warned that due to malware being hidden in many mining applications that Windows Defender and/or your antivirus may mark them as malware or unsafe and you will need to add exclusions to your antivirus. Another simple to use mining application is SimpleMiner V2.2.1 if you just want to mine with your desktop GPU or CPU.

Settings for CPU mining with SimpleMiner would be;

Pool address:

Port: 3333

Wallet address: Your FRED wallet address

Password: x

Device type: Select CPU for CPU mining or GPU if you device is supported


Another good site is and has some tried and tested mining software.



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