Invest in FRED Energy

FRED Energy are seeking investors to enable our business to grow.

We are currently offering equity investments into our limited company which is registered in the UK with Company number 12054644.


Why invest in us?

We are entering a new technological era where mass adoption of green energy, blockchain and cryptocurrencies has begun. Our company given the right opportunity is positioned ready to become a leader in green energy related projects utilising blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Our current projects include;

  • Green energy products marketplace that accepts cryptocurrency payments
  • Development of solar energy generators (concept, design and prototype completed)
  • Development of project Acellerate which is aimed at solar charge/ tuk-tuk taxi hubs (India)
  • Future expansion into EV charge stations and home EV chargers

FRED Energy has also submitted an entry to the Stellar Community Fund 2.0 were we hope to gain seed funding enabling further progression of our projects and business plan.


If the above sounds interesting and you would like to know more about investing with us, you can email us at

To find out more, please take a look at our whitepaper or pitchdeck

Just want to Buy FRED Tokens?

FRED tokens are a custom asset on the Stellar blockchain intended for future utility within the FRED Energy ecosystem which will include but will not be limited to; our marketplace, rewards system,Taxi payments, EV charge payments.


You can purchase FRED tokens via the following links;