Future Energy Technologies – FACT or Fiction Series from FRED Energy

The Fact or Fiction series is aimed at provoking thought towards current and future energy issues fueled by capitalism, driven by consumerism

Series 1 – 6 editions

FACT-2032 | Commercial Release of the 100,000 Life-cycle Battery

After the global rare earths trade war of 2028 and diminishing stocks of raw & recycled materials used in battery and energy storage products, future energy security eventually ruled over profit, even though the technology had been available for over a decadeā€¦.

The commercial release of a 100,000 Life-cycle, high density battery in 2032 aimed to solve these problemsā€¦

FACT-2032 is released with a total of 6 editions available. These will be minted on several platforms;

Stellarnft 3x, Litemint 1x, Opensea 1x, Solanart 1x



FACT-2032 was developed using 3D modelling techniques and took approximately 2 months to complete.

The result is a looped video NFT showcasing the fine details of the model and concept.

The NFT can be viewed on Stellarnft.com