The FRED Project Update – What we have accomplished so far and What next?


Well we have been busy haven’t we.

Our original roadmap has been made almost obsolete after only 3 months of activity and development, here is what we have achieved so far;

  • Blockchain started with initial release of CLI wallets and mining pool (September 18)
  • First exchange listing TradeSatoshi (October 18)
  • First GUI Wallets released (FRED-Electron) (October 18)
  • Second exchange listing FinexBox (November 18)
  • Launched our informational project blog (November 18)
  • FRED-Nest wallets released (November 18)
  • Secure online wallet released (November 18)
  • Successful hard fork to CN-Lite V7 algorithm (December 18)
  • Third exchange listing BiteBTC (December 18)

FRED out there

To continue on our successful journey, the next phases in our development are;

  • Create effective marketing campaigns to generate awareness and investor participation
  • Begin analysing the alternative energy directory requirements and assign developers
  • Continue our search for energy saving and generation devices that have the potential to be real consumer products
  • Create partnerships with alternative energy related projects and developers


For those who are still unsure of what our project is aiming to achieve, here is a brief summary;

Over the next few decades the population will rise, technology will evolve, energy consumption will grow massively due to the increasing amount of devices we use and all of this will have a great effect on our planet and society. The large corporations will increase prices and grow richer and the most vulnerable will suffer such as those on low incomes and the elderly.

To try and solve these these problems you need to disrupt the cycle and the overall ownership of energy, this can be achieved by consumers generating energy/electricity by themselves and topping up or selling back as and when required. Developed nations are creating smart grids and consumers are getting smart meters, governments are sudsidising the costs of adoption of alternative energy devices such as wind and solar, they want consumers to generate their own electricity but not too much and not too fast as to upset the status quo. For emerging economies, they will continue on their pollutive cycle until the oil runs out or they have the funds to make a change.

We want to promote the use of alternate energy devices by the consumer and speed up the process. Our alternative energy directory will aim to be a global interactive website for alternate energy devices featuring, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and installers all brought together in one place making it easier for all to find the right product at the right price, with the possibility of payments being made in our cryptocurrency FRED.

In addition, we are firm believers in the possibilities of future energy devices based on theories using magnets and free electrons. There are many inventors and engineers who are developing devices that could potentially generate electricity 24/7 365 day’s a year and some of these devices are already in final development stages with pre-orders through a growing distributor network. We aim to be part of a new era in energy generation devices by creating partnerships through funding or by acceptance of our currency as payments towards energy devices.

We fully understand that there are a lot of scams claiming to be real or free energy generating devices and we will not participate in anything that we have not fully explored and tested to be a real product capable of benefiting the consumer in energy generation at an affordable price. Our project is ethical in nature but as we progress we will also generate income just like any other business with investors.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what our project is about, our aims, our objectives, if not take a look at our video and feel free to leave a comment.







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