FRED Nest Wallet

FRED Nest Wallet

We recently released our GUI wallets to the community, the first being FRED Electron and secondly our FRED Nest wallet.

The main difference between the two wallets is that old .wallet files from the CLI version 0.2.3 can be used with FRED Nest but NOT with FRED Electron.

Using FRED Nest is simple,

  1. Download and unzip the package from Github
  2. Run FRED-Nest.exe
  3. Click on “path to wallet file” and select your .wallet file
  4. Enter password in “password” box and select open
  5. Your wallet should now open

You can also create and import wallets using seed phrase or from private keys.

There are two remote network nodes (selector top right) FRED1 and FRED2, should the wallet be unable to connect to either of the remote network nodes, you can run the included FREDdaemon file which will sync the blockchain to your local computer.


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